Hey there!  I’m Bevin and welcome to Life at Third Creek Cottage.

As a former beauty queen, if you would have told me that I would one day be going down this homesteading, do-it-yourself, raise your own food, homeschooling path, I would have told you that you had me confused with someone else.  But, here we are and that is exactly what I am doing.  I am on this journey with my husband and our four children.  We by no means have it all figured out, but we have learned a lot and want to share our experiences with others.

Our farm, Third Creek Cottage Gardens, is situated on seventeen acres in the Piedmont region of the beautiful state of North Carolina.  We have raised pasture-raised poultry, honeybees, pasture-raised pork, a flock of free-range hens, and organic produce.  Rather than farmers, we look at ourselves as Caretakers of Creation and strive to use farming principles that bring honor to that title.

Our farm name came about due to my love of all things British, especially tea time and literature.  The British do not have “yards”, they have “gardens”.  And like me, they love a good mystery.

I love to read, bake, garden, hike, camp, travel, and craft beer.

Just like there are different seasons in nature, there are different seasons in life.  My hope is to inspire and encourage others by sharing the different seasons by writing about my family’s life at Third Creek Cottage.




3 thoughts on “About”

  1. You are one of the most knowledgeable women I know on ways to avoid the dangers of processed foods. You’ve inspired me to try my hand at growing some fresh vegetables this spring so I’ll follow your lead – let us all know when it is time to plant and what to plant. Aside from being my #1 daughter (that I am so EXTREMELY proud of) you are an awesome woman! I’m ready for some of the best honey I have ever had so be sure to let us all know when it’s honey time! (Don’t think I want to try beekeeping just yet!)

  2. We are the developers of TalkingShapes and would like to use the photos from your blob review in a video to help us raise funds to complete the remaining four stories (of the alphabet). Can we have your permission to do that?


    Adam Titone
    Technical Director

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