The Most Awesome Tool Ever!

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I have got to share with y’all my most favorite tool for yard work.

It is my…

Battery powered weed eater!


No joke.  This thing is amazing!

Before I get too far into telling you about this weed eater, I wanted to mention that all of the photos in this post were taken by my six-year-old, Levi, on my iPhone.  I know I should really use an actual camera, but my phone is just extremely handy.

I love to do yard work.  It is almost like my therapy.  I get some fresh air, time alone, and when I am finished I can stand back and look at what I have accomplished.  Oh, and unlike the way a house gets destroyed an hour after you spend three hours cleaning it, my yard will at least look nice for a few days.

Just like all the other battery powered tools that DeWalt makes, this weed eater gets the job done.  My weed eater came with a battery and charger.

To use, you slide the battery into the back of the weed eater,

and then, using one hand push down on the top lever while pulling up on the bottom one.  Simple!  No throwing your shoulder out while trying to to pull on a string to crank a gas powered one.

There is a low and high speed that you can use.  Using the high speed will use up your battery charge more quickly than low speed.  I can do everything I need to do on low.  I normally trim along the fence line, around rocks that we use for edging flower beds, and along the edge of the concrete that goes around our pool.  I typically get about an hour’s worth of work out of the battery before it needs to be charged.  It takes about an hour to fully charge the battery.  I have not been able to charge the battery immediately after use because it is too hot.  The charger lets you know if the battery is too hot to charge by the way it blinks.  The battery is normally cool enough to charge within about thirty minutes of use.   If you really wanted to be efficient, you could buy another battery to use while one charges.

Based on the amount of money that we spend on fuel, oil, and the constant tinkering with a weed eater that doesn’t want to start, my husband and I have calculated that this weed eater will save us money and time.

I have been using this weed eater an average of once a week for two months now and I haven’t had to replace the weed eater string yet.  My mom bought a different brand of battery powered weed eater and she has to replace the string every time she uses it.  I guess that one not only eats weeds but string as well.

I know I am that weird woman that gets excited over a weed eater.  What can I say, I like to do yard work and I love protecting our environment.  This thing gets the job done with zero emissions.  Easy to use, virtually zero maintenance, and zero emissions; perfect in my opinion.

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