I Finally Have our Water Bottles Under Control


Water Bottle Storage

I am convinced that someone that does not cook designed my kitchen.  There is not enough room to store everything.  Then again, maybe it is me and my constant lack of organization.  I have an issue with being able to keep everything neat and organized.  I can get a cabinet, drawer, whatever all nice and tidy and then within a week it is back to looking like my four year old organized it.  Sometimes my four year old does organize my cabinets.

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for my kitchen, but the lack of storage space drives me crazy!

I plan to tackle my pantry eventually, but for now I have at least organized our collection of water bottles.

I know that I cannot be the only person that has a water bottle storage issue.  These things never seem to fit into a cabinet.  Plus, I can never figure out a good way to dry the inside before you put them on a shelf upright.  And, no one can ever seem to be able to find their bottle when it is in a cabinet.  I guess I have some sort of superhero power that is turned on by the words, “Mom, I can’t find…”.  It is crazy how I can make things appear in the exact spot that someone already spent a supposed lengthy amount of time looking.

One day I had some empty spots available on our wine rack and decided to put a couple there to dry before putting them in their normal place in a cabinet.  Well, I decided that this location was much better suited for water bottles than wine.  We don’t drink much wine, and the wine rack usually sits empty just taking up space anyways.


So, there you go.  A handy way to store your water bottles, and a great way to conserve those superhero powers for more important things.


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